Project: Social Impact

Empowering Women to Succeed

In 2019, after 6 years of successfully building and maintaining websites, and creating digital projects for many of our clients as ‘CopiousJ’, the company restructured and re-branded itself into what is now ‘Destiny River Media’. Founder Jenn Eze-Winchester began to envision a company that was bigger than herself. One that made an impact far beyond ‘business as usual’. Her primary goal shifted from getting herself out of poverty through entrepreneurship, to now helping other women to get out of poverty as well. Now each and every website that is built means that we are one step closer to helping set captives free through education and empowerment.

Training for a Better Tomorrow

Helping to Equip and Empower Women

Destiny River Media has a goal to create programs that offer training and empowerment for women who are coming out of poverty and sex trafficking. We desire to work with other transitional living organizations and programs by providing them with mentoring, training programs and/or financial support so that the women who they work with can have an exit plan that empowers them to not ever have to return to their past situations and hardships again. We are in the foundational stages of forming programs and relationships that are geared towards this goal.

Join the Vision

How You Can Help

During these foundational stages of creating social impact, there are various ways that you or your company can help to empower women to succeed. If you are interested please contact us at .

  • Recommend our Services – The broader our client base, the more opportunities we have to offer women internships for training that is specific to our field. 10 percent of all of our revenue at this time goes towards local organizations that help serve marginalized populations.
  • Field Volunteer – If you have skills or giftings in areas that you feel would help women who are coming out of poverty to gain a new skill, or to overcome past traumas you can reach out to us for a volunteer application.
  • In House Volunteer – If you are a professional that is skilled in website design, project management, SEO, social media, online marketing, or graphic design we are currently in need of people join us with caring for our client base work so that we can focus more time on expanding our social impact. Effective volunteers may have an opportunity to transition into salary positions once our client base and social impact expands.
  • Give – Your company or organization can purchase blocks of time that are gifted to women and organizations for training and mentoring.

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