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Since 2013 we have been generous investors of our heart, resources, and expertise whenever it is within our power to help lead others in building and connecting with their audiences online.

Beautiful and effective websites for organizations, small businesses and personal brands is our passion and it’s evident in every detail of what we do.

01. Passionate

We are driven by a passion to see others succeed in obtaining their personal and organizational goals. We consider it an honor to be trusted with your message and vision, and treat each and every client’s goal as if it were our own.

02. Creative

Creating innovative solutions that will help you to communicate your message, while influencing and connecting with your audience is what we do best. Save time and frustration by trusting us to find the perfect solutions to fit your marketing needs.

03. Professional

We are professional, strategical, and easy to work with. We are shaped by our core commitments to integrity, community, excellence, kindness, and passion. We look out for our clients’ best interests in our field so that they can focus on what they do best.

Proven Success

Client Satisfaction is Priority

88% of all of our clients have been with us for 3 or more years. In the world of digital goods that number means that we have stood up to client expectations, and earned their trust. That is a huge accomplishment in a online world of ‘shiny offers’ that oftentimes aim at people’s wallets and leave them with unfulfilled expectations and hopes. At Destiny River Media our trust, integrity, and ability to deliver what we promise is what makes us shine above the competition.

97% of our existing clients have been referred by other clients. In the 7 years that we have been in business we have allowed our work to speak for itself. Maintaining good relationships with and delivering above the expectations of our clients has become the root system to the stability of our success.


Client Retention


Referred Clients

From Our Founder Jenn Eze

Your Passion is Our Passion

As the founder of Destiny River Media it is so important to me that every potential client understands that your passion and vision is our driving factor. As a natural born campaigner and encourager, there is nothing more fulfilling to me than gathering people for a cause while helping others to achieve their dreams and visions.

I know first hand what it means to have a dream, to start from ground zero, and to push your way up through hard word, integrity and lots of faith! This very company was born out of my struggles as a single mother of 4, and it has been more than amazing for me to watch how God has blessed me in helping others to reach for the stars.

I want you to know that not only are we creating digital products for our client family, but we are rooting for each and everyone of them in every way that is possible for us. We are honestly honored to be a part of their journey, and it is evident in everything that we do. Reach out to me today, and let’s talk about how we can serve you and your vision.

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